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ier of the Peo▓ple's Libera

aring mines in▓ the border area in Yunnan, where over 100 minefields were▓ located."I couldn't stay calm after getting to know the▓ villagers living in the area suffered three explosions within 10 years," said Du, who volunteered to participate in the demining operations in 2015.Du's father wished to become ▓a solider at an early age, which was not fulfilled, while Du Fuguo joi

ned the PLA in 2010."I am reflecting what kind of life is truly meaningful and valuable, and the only standard▓ is what has been done for the country and for the people," Du wrote in his application submitted for ▓mine clearance operations."When the people are in need and the country is calling upon us, there is not even half a▓ step that I can retreat,

  • tion Army (PLA), was awarded t
  • he title "role model of our times"
  • at a ceremony in Beijing.Du's fam
  • ily members and fellow soldiers, as well
  • as representativ▓es from all walks o
  • f life, attended the award ceremony.

The 28-year-old sold

" he responded when being told mine clearance was dangerous.A minefield Du▓ worked has deterred local people from growing crops and picking tea. They beat gongs and sounded drums to welcome the arrival of the mine cl▓earance group.Over the pa

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